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Why are you using nHAp instead of fluoride in the TANITABS formula?Mis à jour 9 months ago

Tanitabs are meticulously crafted with a scientifically-proven formula featuring mineral and plant extracts, designed to provide a comprehensive solution for teeth cleaning, enamel restoration, and long-lasting freshness. 

Central to our formulation is nHAp, a natural science-approved alternative to fluoride, and here's why we've embraced it wholeheartedly:

NHAp stands as an ideal and non-toxic substitute for fluoride, as it comprises a biocompatible substance that the body recognizes and accepts with open arms. Furthermore, our nHAp is proudly vegan and sourced without any involvement of cow bones.

While fluoride relies on saliva for remineralization, nHAp takes a more direct path, replenishing our teeth's enamel and fortifying it with each brushing. The result? Enhanced cavity prevention.

But nHAp doesn't stop there; it's an adept stain remover and contributes to the restoration of teeth's natural whiteness and softness.

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